Plus One (2017)

Anya Benner was the first girl with Down syndrome who started to attend ordinary school in Voronezh. This year she started 7th grade. She also sings at inclusive folk choir at her free time.

She attends all classes with the classmates but she has her own study program with individual lessons. Anya also sings at inclusive folk choir at her free time. She doesn’t like to perform at the school events but she enjoys concerts and competitions in other places. Teachers adore Anya. She is calm, tender and nice girl. Anya shies of her classmates. Before they were playing together but now they become older, so her classmates aren’t interested in communication with her. The children have been in one class for 6 years so they’ve got used to each other. Sometimes it looks like Anya’s classmates don’t see that she is different and complains that teachers ask less from her. But they help Anya if she needs it. Anya likes to go to school a lot. At first she dreamed to become a teacher. But now she wants to work at the grocery.