At the Galich Hills (2017-2019)

Galichya Gora is one of the smallest nature reserves in the world. It consists of six different areas with unique flora and birds of prey nursery. There are about 20 people and 100 birds that live and work there.

Birds of prey nursery was founded at the national park in 1990. Different types of falcons and their hybrids are bred there. Birds are released into the wild for the restoration of the population or sold for participation in falconry (mainly to the Middle East). Specialists say that this reduces the amount of poaching and smuggling of wild birds in the world. Galichya Gora became one of the centers for the eviving of the falconry traditions in Russia.

Owls, eagles, hawks and griffon vulture live in the nursery too. Some of them were donated by Russian zoos, others were confiscated from poachers. Often people who find wounded or sick birds bring them to the nursery for recovery.