Mighty Girls (2018-2021)

There are seven women’s American football teams in Russia. It is a non-professional sport so anyone can join. It’s all about personal enthusiasm so players often have to learn the rules and moves by themselves while coaching is simply done by more experienced players. Some women start playing American football because their friends invited them. Some are drawn by the exotic sport. Others simply want to become more athletic. Many drop out after the first training session: after all, it’s not only about strength and endurance but also about the ability to understand and remember formations. You have to buy protective ammunition, pay for the rent of the training field, travel at your own expense to competitions in other cities. But those who remain find themselves a new family. The playing field is a safe place for the release of emotions, including aggression. Girls admit that thanks to the american football they become bolder and more decisive. They allow themselves to step out of their comfort zone, to push the boundaries of their usual activities. They change jobs, leave their outdated relationships. And the knock of of smashing equipment becomes their favorite sound.